North West


North East


Helen Malby

Helen Maltby — 07859 105159,

Central South

Welwyn, London north of the Thames, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire.

South East

Essex, London south of the Thames, Kent and East Sussex

Marna Wakeling

Marna Wakeling

Marna has two children who race in the LSERSA and SRSA regions for Bowles Ski Club.

Her son also represents The Skinners' School and was part of the 2017 Norway Senior Squad 1.

Marna is a teacher at St. John's School in Tunbridge Wells, Child Welfare Officer for Bowles Ski Team and the Regional Child Welfare officer for the LSERSA region.


Hampshire, Dorset, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, West Surrey

Lesley Gash —

Lesley Gash

Lesley lives near Winchester in Hampshire and her local dryslope is Southampton. She has 3 children, all skiers, aged from twenties to mid teens. She is very involved in the ski scene as a whole from club level to international racing.

Lesley's involvement with ESSKIA began in 1999 when her children got a school team together — as their involvement increased, so did hers!

Lesley has been the area rep for the Southern region for a number of years. She now co-ordinates the national summer training program, runs the Southampton qualifier and assists with the squads.

Lesley is happy to help with advice re any aspect of the sport and is not afraid of following up on areas she feel strongly about.