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For those of you new to ESSkiA the structure and way things work can seem rather confusing, so here we have put together a rough guide to the operation of training days, races, squads and ways in which you can get involved.

Joining Esskia is easy and beneficial...

1 - It is the School that is Affiliated, not just

the School Ski Club (if there is one) or it’s skiers.

It is important that the School provide the contact details for a “Teacher in Charge”, they can then nominate a parent to act on their behalf if they wish.

2 - Race Bulletins, Invitations to races etc are all sent direct to School, so it is important, if you are a parent helper, that you have a rapport with the Teacher in Charge and that they are aware you need a copy of these if you are doing the administration for your School Teams.

3 - When taking part in an Area Qualifier Race or the National Finals the Headteacher of the School must sign the entry forms if a member of staff is not going to be present at the race.

Without this signature Schools are not allowed to take part

The basics

ESSkiA and Snowsport England Insurance

 ESSKIA is an affiliated organisation and member of Snowsport England which benefits from the same liability insurance protection as all Snowsport England affiliated members whilst participating in recognised snowsport activities

All schools that are fully paid members of ESSKIA are covered as stated above.

For further details, please visit: http://www.snowsportengland.org.uk/AboutUs/Insurance.aspx

Details can be had from Snowsport England site :- SnowsportEngland.org.uk

Race Guide 2016 Download here..